"It was divine intervention that I found out about the WYO Quarter Horse sale. Normally at work on a weekday, I was home on a Wednesday recuperating from arm surgery and saw the Spring 2017 sale showcased on RFD-TV. After looking at the horses and videos online, #52 Chief, stole my heart. He was touted as being the same easy-going guy no matter how much time he had off, and he was so calm and willing in his video that I was in awe that such a beautiful horse could have such a great mind. I was thrilled when I “won” him, as I call it, on sale day! 

What you said about his easy-going manner was put to the test when he had seven weeks off after I suffered a bad riding accident (my fault!) where I broke some ribs and bruised my hip. Finally feeling a bit better, I decided to ride him, even though my ribs weren’t 100%. Tacking him up, I could barely lift my saddle and kept hitting him in his side with it over and over. He actually turned his head and looked at me, probably wondering what kind of moron he belonged to, but he stood stock still while I struggled to get the saddle on his back. Once he was saddled, I tried to run him around the round pen to get any bucks and freshness out. All he did was trot a bit and then stop, look at me and lick his lips. He was mellow as could be.

"I have known Woody Bartlett and Bill Smith for many years; Woody for almost 50 years and Bill for almost 20. They are first of all horsemen, but in addition they are honest, truthful and genuine. The Wyo Sale is the same. The horses are put together by horsemen who know good horses that are sound and have the right kind of dispositions and athletic ability. When Bill or Woody tells you about a horse you can rest assured they are what they say they will be. In addition, they are genuine men who want you to be happy with your purchase. If you want to deal with this kind of people in the horse business, come to the Wyo sale and get a horse selected and managed by them."

Dr. Jim Heird

​Texas A&M University

"This is a filly that we bought from the sale a couple of years ago. She won Champion Mare at the 2017 Big Bend Livestock Show in Alpine. She also qualified for the AQHA Zoetis World Show, in Houston, in Ranch
Riding. She won 4th in state in the Futurity All Around, but got 2nd in Stock Horse Pleasure. We call her Annie and she is a gem. My daughter Evan shows mainly in all cow horse events, reined cow horse is her favorite. I thought you would like to see what some of your horses are doing."

Shelly Means

Valentine, Texas

Welcome to the WYO Quarter Horse Ranch

"These two horses were bought for the ranch that I work for. One is seven and one is four. Wyo Scorpion was purchased first, then Wyo Cisco Kid was purchased a few years after. Both horses have been used in every aspect of my job, from sorting and doctoring cattle in the pasture, to roping bulls and picking up broncs in the arena. My favorite part of these horses is the ability to perform at a level where everything is fast paced, to then being a babysitter to my three year old son. The minds of these horses is phenomenal. Not to mention, the structure of these horses. Big boned and stout horses that have the ability to go all day. Amazing horses, mind and body! Recommend them to anyone and everyone!"

Mike & Lauren Wilson

"In many ways this letter of recommendation will be consistent and similar to others you might find on the Circle 7 web page. There are very good reasons for this. Bill and Carole never waver from their core values, which are fundamental and are the basis for everything that they do. Honesty, integrity, putting horses and clients first, hard work, careful and critical criteria in the selection of their breeding stock and the horses that they acquire and sell. It's obvious they set extremely high standards and have the knowledge and experience to evaluate just the sort of quarter horse they want to represent. We came into the equine world late in life (in our 60's) and didn't know what we didn't know, but were determined to learn and above all else do the right thing by our horses. I simply got lucky and met Bill and Carole and the rest is history. We trusted them and they were true to form. Going to their sale I must admit can be overwhelming simply because of the quality of all the horses. Choosing one amongst all those put forward can be daunting, but you can be sure that whatever your choice may be, not only will it be a beautiful representation of what a quarter horse conformation should look like, it will have been tested, ridden extensively, exposed to about everything you can imagine and most importantly as a friend of mine commented about my Circle 7 horse -" yea he's beautiful, but I would have bought him for his mind ". There isn't a day that goes by that I'm grateful for having met them and having the privilege of owning one of their horses. (Now two, as it only took so long for my wife to understand what she wanted in a mount and to the extent we could replicate Rhinestone Cody Buck - well all we had to do was leave that up to Bill and Carole)."

Tom & Linda Brome


"Dear Carole & Bill: Hope you are doing fine and in good health. After I read your post “the last sale” thought about writing you a few lines. It was an honor and a pleasure meeting the two of you. My family and I are enjoying our three horses. In fact, we just had a great ride on the countryside. Horses have always been what you offered, excellent! God bless you both for all the years to come, my best to Jed and Dr. Bartlett took care of the rest. You may have to pick out another one for my 80th birthday because my 13 yr old redheaded granddaughter already gave me a deposit to purchase him. I think i lost me red horse. Carole, thank you for your honesty. It is really a pleasure dealing with you folks."

José Antonio Ochelata


"Carole and Bill, just wanted to say how much I love my new Horse "Ace" that I purchased at the spring sale last year. He has been more than you guaranteed he would be and is about 1/2 way on his way to being a pro mounted shooting horse. He has been great.This is especially nice, in that he has replaced "Poker" who I bought from you back in about 1994. Poker was my go to horse for years and never had a sick day or took a lame step or a wrong move in the 20 years I owned him before he passed in 2014. There's only one sale that I know of where a person can buy a good, honest horse, that is guaranteed the way you present it, and that is the Wyo Quarter Horse sale. Integrity is your brand and it stands above all else and I have had the horses to prove it, over 20 years apart. Thanks again and I'll keep trying to tell everyone I know."

Ken Jones​​

"Here are our thoughts about Els Hayleigh Bug, Registration # 5699856. My wife and I purchased this grey filly September 2016 at the age of 18 months at the WY Quarter Horse Sale. She transported easily and has acclimated well to our other 2 horses. Lady Bug is a delightful filly, very friendly and people oriented, often the first to great us when we come to the corral to feed and following us around the corral. Her health is great, she accepts inoculations without protest, leads, is easy to trim with our farrier, is quiet, easily handled all over yet full of personality as well as beautiful (of course no bias here). She is exactly as described at the sale. We feel immensely grateful to both Larry and Earlene Shelton (Lady Bug’s thoughtful breeder) as well as Bill and Carole Smith for their honest, descriptive sales program and early training. We anticipate the this filly will become a fine riding and cow horse when she is old enough to be trained. An additional bonus for my wife and I is the responsiveness the Sheltons and Smiths have shown to questions we have raised with friendly and openhearted notes. We could not be more pleased with our filly and anticipate a lifetime of joy and fun with her."

David Harley and Sylvia Baker

​Baker, Nevada

"We were first invited to participate at the sale in the fall of 2009. This continued a very special friendship and some of the best experiences we have ever had! There's nothing like this sale! Wilford had been going to various horse sales for over 60 years and he says it's the best one he knows. You'll find wonderful quality ranch horses receiving the greatest care and training imaginable! It's been such fun being part of this crew of friends and family working together! In the process, we've come to know the whole family well including Bill's amazing mom, Edna Smith, and have developed a special friendship with her. The honesty, the obvious love for the horses, and the environment filled with respect and a reputation for quality is so evident."

Wilford & Beverly Brimley

"When I began to look for a new trail mount I decided to research ranch horse sales. I looked for a sale that had been in business several years and had a history for being reputable. Next I looked for honest ranch raised horses that were structurally correct with a willing working man attitude. Finally I wanted a good looking athlete who could pack me down the trail and bring me home safely. The WYO has met all my expectations. I have bought 3 young horses and enjoy sharing their story with other horsemen. In addition I have attended the colt starting clinics in Wyoming. Every year I am amazed at the quality colts that are presented. I would whole hearted urge others to look at the WYO horses for your next addition."

Caroline Gilmore

"I thought I should write my testimonial before the fall sale. I bought Joe (Wyo Navy Blue Nick) in the spring sale. He has been everything I hoped he would be. He's sensible and kind and adjusted very well to being in a different part of the country. I just got back from spending ten days in Vermont with him, riding long days in the Vermont mountains. He did extremely well as Bill said he would. He's definitely a mountain horse. I highly recommend the Wyo horse sales. They have wonderful horses and try very hard to match up the right horse for the right owner. I found all the crew to be honest and sincere with answering my questions and emails. I didn't know what a Nick/Newt horse was before I bought him but what a wonderful combination this breeding is. The Bartlett Ranch has a bunch of great looking two-year-olds in this sale. I think these horses have great confirmation and dispositions. I regrettably can't make it this fall but I will see you in the spring. God willing.

P.S. Cindy and Randy were awesome, and the three horses that laid over at my barn didn't have a scratch on them. Wonderful people for all your shipping needs."

Pam Stone

"Robert and I wanted to send you some recent photos of the bay filly we purchased at last year’s fall sale. Her name was Bazinga although we call her Maggie. She is in Wyoming now in the Big Horn Mtns with us. We are out here for year 6 of our job running the cow camp near the Medicine Wheel. She has been doing great, Robert spent a lot of time this winter ground driving her, ground work and light riding in the spring. She takes to things like a mature horse, sensible, willing and trusting. She has been keeping right up with the geldings and has shown some very good signs of working cattle. She pins her ears and gets into it. She is really a sweet horse and has been more than a huge pleasure to own. We should be here until early Oct. and it’s been a great place for her to get some education and have a cool summer in the mountains. We hope to see you at the upcoming fall sale. You raised a lovely filly."

Mary and Robert Pietan

"I just wanted to say thanks for selling Frank to us! He is an awesome guy that I really enjoy! I think I learn more about him and like him more with each trip we take! I have a great worker and friend! And Sarge is amazing, Mom and him do great together! Two outstanding horses! "

Chalsey Kortes

"I see you have another "Spoonful" in the fall sale. I bought this horse in the Spring 2015 sale. His name is Tootin Spoonful and you told me he was a special horse when I asked about him. That was an understatement. I have had some good horses, but he is probably the best. Thank you and I hope the person that gets Cajun loves him as much as I do Spoon. Hope to see you all next May."

Brenda Hopper


"Hello! This is Christina, Smooth Mover's mama. I promised I would check back in with you guys so here I am! It was been an amazing year! His barn name is Elliot and he is truly the love of my life! He has the best personality! I wish we were a little further along under saddle wise but that is due to me and Elliot being my 1st baby so we are taking it super slow and learning together! I'm in no rush, we have the rest if our lives together. He is absolutely loved to death by me, I even had a birthday party for him and my family has officially decided I have lost my mind! I have included some pictures of Elliott so you can see how he looks and thank you again for making me so happy! I love talking about my Elliott! I think we have actually found his career, I think he is going to be a mounted shooting horse! He has really taking to it, I was just about to start shooting off of him before winter came so probably March or April we will start again. He doesn't even flinch and stands right beside me when I shoot, doesn't mind the gun being rubbed all over him and doesn't mind the smell either! He even doesn't mind the ear plugs! Not much bothers this boy, he's curious and inquisitive but stays pretty calm and cool. Most people are shocked when they find out he is only 3! I try to expose him to just about anything and everything. A favorite of his is riding to the McDonald's in town and going thru the drive thru, he likes the ice cream cones! I have big dreams for Elliott and me and I don't doubt for one second that we don't accomplish them and more!! LOVE this horse!!!"

Christina Roberts

I bridled him and, without any grace whatsoever, climbed aboard. Again, he stood stock still while I struggled. Once in the saddle, forty-five years of riding experience vanished as Doomsday scenarios ran through my head of how he might explode into bucks or take off with me. Not many horses are super calm after seven weeks of eating and no riding! Know what he did? Nothing. He quietly walked around the ring like he was asked to do. He is a true gentleman and so very kind!

I love him and am so thankful for him! I’ve had a rough time with my other horse for the last three years and considered giving up riding, but Chief, who I’ve renamed Hawk, has brought the joy of riding back into my life. I'd buy another horse from you in a heartbeat if I needed one, and I tell my friends looking for a new horse to buy one from the WYO Quarter Horse Sale!

Thank you so much for this wonderful horse!"

Linda and Hawk

"Have a gelding from the WYO sale, all I can say is every animal is TOP shelf, and they are incredible to work with! Super sad to see this incredible thing ending... if you or yours are looking for ranch or mountain horses with incredible temperaments, THIS is the place!
Carole Smith, super sad I can’t be there. Praying for excellence for you all!!"

Jeremy Ferkin

"I bought Captain's Call from you at the Wyo Quarter Horse Sale last May in Thermopolis. Sky bought him from the fellow who foaled him in Pompey's Pillar, Montana. When I led him out of the barn after the sale I met you; you told me that Captain was the best horse you had on the ranch. I thought you were just saying it to make me feel good; I was wrong. He's better than that; he's easily the best horse I've ever owned. He never made a mistake in the arena sale preview and he still hasn't. I cannot find a hole in him...I've owned well over 200 head of horses and mules since I began commercial packing in 1966 - he's a wonder. The day after your sale I led 25 Roundup Riders of the Rockies riders on an eight hour ride; perfect. I could have tripled my money on him. I then took him on a 100 mile, seven day ride. Numerous horses colicked, dropped out or lost up to 200# body weight. Captain gained weight. He drags calves, side-passes, you name it. You could walk up and catch him in a hurricane.

I bought Zan Its Bar Buck and Just Plain Slim at the 2015 Wyo spring sale.  They're good horses, but not in the same zip code as Captain. Thanks for selling him to me."

Daryll Southwick

Steamboat Springs, Colorado

"Sharon and I would like to share with you our thoughts and deepest appreciation for the Wyo horse sale, Bill and Carole Smith and Woody Bartlett.

We have a horse ranch in Angels Camp, California. We use our horses for ranch work, trail riding and my wife has a horse rescue and she uses them for ponying and working with our rescues.

Our relationship started with Carole when my wife lost, her beloved Palomino of 25 years.

I am an executive with a large technology company and was in London. My wife was heart broken and since we have many AQHA horses I called the association, in Amarillo Texas and asked them for the best auctions/sales in the US. They recommended the Wyo Horse sale in Thermopolis, Wyoming.

The first time I spoke to Carole I was in London. It must have been odd for her, to receive a call from England, from a guy, inquiring about horses. I explained the situation about Sharon losing the best horse she had ever had. I asked Carole about finding a suitable replacement. We did not know each other, but Bill and Carole's reputation is out standing. She told me about a horse that was raised by Wilford Brimley the actor. A beautiful palomino named Jolie Gold. She said he was a fantastic horse , great gate and so willing . I watched the video, had several conversations and bought him over the phone, without physically seeing him
Quite a risk and a large amount of trust. The bid was quite high, but in life you get what you pay for.

When he arrived it was instant love. He was all Carole and Bill had said and more. We have had over 40 horses, but Jolie was in a class by himself. Sound, smart, affection and willing to do anything. The Smith's and we became friends.

The next year we flew up to the spring sale and I bought a fantastic palomino, Cash's' Cuervo Gold, for myself. Once again we were extremely pleased with our purchase, as he my go to horse, that is everything I could want. The sale was fantastic, we met wonderful people and our friendship with Bill and Carole has continued to grow. We also had the pleasure of meeting Woody Bartlett.

Since then, we have purchased one of Woody's and Bills colts and another 7 year old gelding from the sale. Well broke, smart and lots of try.

The way we do this is amazing we call Carole and Bill from California. Tell them what we want. Don't care much for color, we want temperament and gate. When Carole and Bill endorse a horse you can take it to the bank. They are fantastic horse people, honest as the day is long and know their stock. We can guarantee that all of our future purchases will be through the Wyo Horse sale."

Steve & Sharon Sorce

Angels Camp, California


Gary and Mare Etchandy

"When i asked you to pick out a horse that i could depend upon you suggested 5 horses out of 90+ horses. grand slam jack turned out to be fantastic. at my age 78 i needed a calm smart horse esp with the type of riding we do. my son andrew and i did a 8 day trip starting at the headwaters of the Rio Grande River elevation 14,000 ft. silverton co to wolf creek pass approx 100 miles. we hit hail, lightning, snow on the CD. jack picked his way calmly over rocks,streams with narrow game trails with some big drop off. all i had to do is give jack his head and he took care of the rest. you may have to pick out another one for my 80th birthday because my 13 yr old redheaded grandaughter already gave me a deposit to purchase him. i think i lost me red horse. carole thank you for your honesty it is really a pleasure dealing with you folks."

Hank Beckman

​Farmers Branch, TX