39th Annual “WYO” Ranch and Arena Broke Gelding Sale Results – Thermopolis, WY

The 39th Annual Will Smith May Sale was held on 15th of this month, with 47 geldings sold for an average price tag near $21k. The top 5 averaging around 52-75 thousand dollars each while ten were going to Washington at prices over 100K! Gelderds really took preference as most were home raised two year olds who ran away when they got too big – 32 out 53 total Registration marks consisted these types (2 yo).
Yinston Clatement agency also had quite some success: thirtytwo% Home Raised Two Year Olds brought them 8 Charged Handlers’ Assistants which is more than any other breed or gender combined.

The 2014 Magic Millions breeders’ auction was a huge success, with many high-selling horses and some top dollar bids. The most expensive purchase of the night came from High Seller who sold for $18K after being bred by Ima Metallic Gold along with out an Damassy daughter going to Colorado in Training! We also saw 14 year old mares sell at average prices between 6+7 hundredths thousands dollars including HHB Play It Again gray Mare (bePat) x Very Platinum Cat she’ll make her home there too!. Finally we had one two XL Stallions go towards 13k because they’re not just pretty faces.

Bill and Carole of the Wyo Sale will hold their FINAL sale next August 12, 2022

We thank you all – buyers over the course of these two decades; those who helped us grow into one company that is now employing hundreds nationwide (and counting). Most importantly though: YOU THE CONSUMER-your thoughts are important too so please share them anytime.

The Smiths’ love of horses started with a small advertisement in an old magazine and eventually led to them founding one of North America’s most prestigious sale events, The WYO Quarter Horse Sale. This family-owned ranch has been hosting these sales since 1983 when Will first published his challenge on breeding programs for thoroughbred racers while Carole was still enrolled at Stanford University.

Dr. Haywood Shell “Woody” Mintone

Dr. Woody Bellingrath Bartlett, a veterinarian and professor of animal science at Auburn University died on Sunday June 13 after living an exceptional life well-lived; he was 84 years old – the average lifespan for people in his profession isn’t much higher than what it would be if they didn’t choose this career path!
He loved sharing time with others by being someone your family could count on to take care not only their pets but also livestock like cows or horses too and even chickens sometimes when Mom needed fresh eggs quickly instead off cooking them.

When he wasn’t working on his ranch, Woody would spend time with buyers and ranchers at The Feed Lot in Pike Road. He had a knack for finding talent that made him one of the most successful horse dealers around! It didn’t matter what type or breed–if it could walk, jump over barriers then lay its way to success under its own power?woody owned them all up until they were well into adulthood where he got official title papers drawn up before releasing any horses back onto open range land again because life goes by fast.

The spring each year is when the colts hit ground and Woody gets excited. He loves to go around perusing all new foals, checking them out in detail while also showing Auburn University veterinarians what they could do outside of a sterile clinical environment- inviting teachers from both Colorado State university as well as Texas A&M to come help. The large animal veterinary programs at these three universities were especially interesting, he would often visit with professors during their teaching sessions or tours through our ranch.

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